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it is my first time posting here on emotions_inside.
my poem is called darkness. i wrote it right before i cut myself. tell me what you think of it if you wish.....i really want to get an icon picture does anyone know of a good place.. anway here is the poem.


in the darkness i sit
feeling as if i am falling into a pit
just watching myself fall
while wondering the meaning of this all
sitting there alone thinking
with many thoughts of poison drinking
dreaming of my death
and then suddenly finding myself out of breath
because i am watching my slit wrist
still wondering if i will still exist
hoping for the worst to come
while feeling very very numb
i am now giving up my will to live
will you please forgive?
for if there is one thing i have learned
while i was getting burned
there is no greater sorrow
than going on and living to see tommorrow
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