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it is my first time posting here on emotions_inside.
my poem is called darkness. i wrote it right before i cut myself. tell me what you think of it if you wish.....i really want to get an icon picture does anyone know of a good place.. anway here is the poem.


in the darkness i sit
feeling as if i am falling into a pit
just watching myself fall
while wondering the meaning of this all
sitting there alone thinking
with many thoughts of poison drinking
dreaming of my death
and then suddenly finding myself out of breath
because i am watching my slit wrist
still wondering if i will still exist
hoping for the worst to come
while feeling very very numb
i am now giving up my will to live
will you please forgive?
for if there is one thing i have learned
while i was getting burned
there is no greater sorrow
than going on and living to see tommorrow
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this is a really good poem. Its very vivid. while i was reading the poem it almost seemed like it was me. which was weird, cuz I've never been in the kind of postion u wrote about, but i really actually felt what ur were trying to get across in ur poem (sry that sounded so cheesy) anyway U have a lot of talent. ur able to make the poem rhyme with out it sounding corny (which is very hard to do). I can probably help u find an Icon, all depends on wat u want the icon of.
the icon i want is something dark, sad, and very depressing. i know that is something that is kinda hard to find. but i just want something that expresses me and how i feel almost all the time. anything that fits that description is ok. oh thanks. *you didnt sound cheesy* thank you for telling me what you though i might post some of my others later. talk to you later.
^_^ DaRkShAdOw22
hmmm *ponders* well i can try to make u an icon, but my systems old so it would be pretty crappy. Also there are some icon communities....theres one community that u can have icons specially made but u have to provide pictures.... if u want that community tell me and i'll give u the link. can't wait to read u other poems :). TTYL
well i guess you can give me the link....but what about the pictures....where would i find those....hehe......icons are a nightmare in themselfs....hehehe anyway.....talk more later bye....

.icons are a nightmare in themselfs tell me about it. esspecially if the icons aren't something specific (like a TV show/actor/band...blah blah blah). wat kind of dark do u want? if u want bloody dark I have a friend named felix who has this icon of someone slitting their wrists, so I mean if u want that i can ask her. but if u want something like deep/lonely/lost feeling not sure what to tell u..hehe theres always google image search.

i'll give u the links in my next comment

that was a really good peom. i can relate so much. keep posting i like ur stuff
ill try to post another one soon