emma (smoothiebabe16) wrote in emotions_inside,

Whisper Goodbye

I said hello-
you turned away.
I had only hoped that it would pass,
that this fight wouldn't last too long.
we'd be friends again after a few hateful words.

and so we were, and we put it behind us.
only to look back and remember those awful days.
days full of hatred,
full of anger,
full of pain.

but now, in some attempt to be greater than I,
you look back onto what is long forgotten in my mind.
you dig deep into my thoughts, only to find those buried under new trusts.
you find some of my feelings from long ago,
feelings full of hatred,
full of anger,
full of pain.

and you release your awful wrath.
it swoops down on me, covering me in black smoke, that I can't seem to get out of.
I can't find my way around it,
only to think and dwell on what is here.
sooner or later, I will find a path of hope, and I will follow that path, only to be
questioned at the end of it.

I said hello-
you turned away.
I whispered goodbye, only to hear the soft sounds of you angry heart beating.

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