shelly belly (eeyore22) wrote in emotions_inside,
shelly belly

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What's the point in living?
if I just feel pain
what's the point in thinking?
if I'm going insane.

What's the point in happiness?
if I cannot feel it
what's the point in love?
if that flame cannot be lit.

What's the point in making friends?
they'll hate me n e way
what's the point in boyfriends?
when it'll only last a day.

What's the point in life?
when were just destined to die
what's the point in truth?
when we all just live a lie.

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wow this is an old post. I feel like a bad MOD I haven't been keepingup with my community, anyway ur poem is really kick ass! I definitly feel like that a lot. sry it took so long
i'm dumb I sent it before I was finished. sry I do stupid stuff like that anyway i was going to say sry it took so long for me to comment on ur poem. I really need to get more active withthe community.