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a slam winning poem...

"The Little One"

A small boy of four
wit dark hair and dark eyes
Throughout the day he wants more
During the night he cries
Stuttering for attention
with a voice hoarse from screams
Starving for affection
Nightmares and darkness replace dreams
He's all alone, Mother is gone
Brother is distracted
Sister is locked away
so he sits with his toys
Left behind the older boys
The tears keep falling
until he can't breathe
Self-centered girl keeps calling
"What the h--- do you need?"
He reacts with violence
the only way he knows
Mother wants silence
tired of the tantrums he throws
Help him, save him, hold him close
[***I scream, I cry, I hug, try do dry the tears
Guilty that I'm the cause of fears
why do we yell at him?
all he needs is a friend
Where is his faith?
if we're all hopeless***]
Bound for places unknown
bound to be put underground
His youth is shattered before it began
From tortured boy to misplaced man
One kiss, one chance to change him
one night, one dream to spare him
Free him from our grasp
Don't make him finish Last
Just one small boy at the age of four
One innocent soul lying cold on the floor

the part between the [***-***] i didnt' read for the poetry slam to save time and because i don't like it as much...
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